It’s not a joke. It is not an exaggeration. Our planet is long overdue for the consequences of our irresponsible behavior towards nature. And while he’s been generous all these years, he’s starting to make his boundaries clear.

According to IPCC research, the current state of our ecosystem puts us on high alert. In just under 10 years, humanity will face an unprecedented global climate catastrophe. An irreversible catastrophe, which will test our survival as a species xnxx.

To fight against this, currently various national and international organizations have sought to do their bit, undertaking conservation and environmental protection initiatives. Do you want to meet them? Today we bring you a list of the most outstanding.




Its almost 50 years of foundation do justice to its recognition. After all, when thinking of organizations dedicated to the defense of the environment, we cannot help but think of them.

For years, Greenpeace has fought against climate change, has worked to defend biodiversity and, above all, has waged war against those who hunt whales indiscriminately. It is currently present in 55 countries and has approximately 3 million members worldwide.


2.The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

It may not be as well known by name as Greenpeace, but its power and influence is undeniable. The NRDC currently has just under 3 million active members, in addition to an expert panel of more than 700 scientists, legal scholars, and environmental policy specialists.

Its focus is to safeguard the right of people to breathe clean air and consume clean water, in addition to protecting the most fragile and vulnerable ecosystems on the planet. To achieve this, they work together in environmental lobbying with companies, government groups and even self-managed communities. The idea is to convince these groups to adopt certain measures to take care of the environment.


This organization is much younger than the others (it was founded in 1992, within the framework of the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro), it has also made significant contributions, in addition to its large number of members.
Their way of working consists of operating by exerting social pressure on governments and large companies so that they take measures to reduce the environmental footprint of their actions.


4.International Pollutant Elimination Network (IPEN)

This global network is currently part of 600 NGOs, with a presence in 124 countries today. Your mission? A planet earth without chemical emissions of polluting agents for the environment.
They intervene in international and national policies in the regulation of industrial activities to make it possible.


It may not be as well known as Greenpeace or others mentioned below, but its strength in Europe is undeniable. Its main focus is social, supporting less favored groups.
However, the organization is also present and operates on environmental issues, working on projects to fight climate change and guarantee food security.

6.Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Young, yes. Unstoppable in its few years of operation, too. Founded just 10 years ago, the GGGI has worked for years towards an ambitious goal: to lead our planet to absolute decarbonization through inclusive, resilient projects that also guarantee its sustainable growth over time.
Its main activities consist of the movement of private investment capital to lead the states to apply environmental measures.

7.Ecologists in Action

Together we can create a greater impact than apart. For this reason, we close this list not with an NGO, but with a conglomerate of them. More than 300 local and regional organizations in Spain join forces to promote social ecology movements.

To do this, they address the problem from its roots: the consumerist society and the excessive production models of the modern world.

What other environmental organizations that fight to protect our planet do you know? Share them with us and our readers in the comments.


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